Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 1651 (Y4D191) 1/31/2016

Dear mommy,

Happy Sunday!  We started the day off with a trip to donut delite but it was a little crowded so we headed home to enjoy our tasty donuts.  Daddy decided to make us some actually nutritious breakfast for us as well.  The day was cold but we were excited to spend the afternoon back at the red and grey slide park, as well as the grey slide park in the afternoon.  Afterwards daddy took us to go get fitted for bikes, since mema wanted to get us our very own bikes.  We absolutely loved riding the bikes in the store, so much, that daddy picked them up (on mema's behalf) right on the spot.  Unfortunately we were in gomer and couldn't fit both bikes in, so we had to go get schwaggs to take the bikes.  That was nice since we went to escondido elementary to give them a spin.  Dinks was really good at pedaling and even fell twice after some adventurous biking.  Twinks is getting the hang of it too.

For dinner we enjoyed a lovely stew that daddy made in the slow cooker.  We loved our entire day.

We love you and miss you mommy!

Here is our day:

Day 1650 (Y4D190) 1/30/2016

Dear mommy,

We had a wonderful morning with daddy. We went to the blue and red slide park and for a little scooting and then swung by for a little grocery shopping.  M came in the afternoon to hang out with us.

We love you and miss you mommy!

here is our day:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 1645-49 (Y4D185-189) 1/25/2016-1/29/2016

Dear mommy,

We had a great week!

First some cute notes that we mentioned before:

Monday: we were back at school with Ruth.
Tuesday: we got to see Ms. Maggie again for piano lessons.  It had been a long time.  Daddy followed that up with a quick lunch at Old McDonalds.
Wednesday: Another full day with Ruth and school.
Thursday: we had a special day.  First off Happy Birthday Tony!  Then daddy took care of us and we had a really special day after school.  During story time we got to read the story of the little red hen.  Daddy really enjoys when teacher vanessa does the gooli gooli song.  First we went to go get some dinner at Gott's.  We were really good eaters.  Then we went to the book store where we picked out some new books.  Finally it was a trip to tin pot where we got our favorite ice cream flavor, cookie monster!  Lastly we went to the Palo Alto Childrens Theatre for Piggie and Elephant!  Boy did we have fun.  We giggled and danced in our seats when we got to hear all the amazing songs and watch the play in real action.  We loved it!  Afterwards Twinks went to seek autographs.  We were exhausted but it was so worth it!
Friday: We had a wonderful day full of school and fun.

We love you and miss you mommy!

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