Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 1149 (Y3D55)

Dear mommy,

We continued our string of excitement this weekend.  We woke up late again, after a late night of partying.  Daddy made us some breakfast of eggs, ham and cheese that we actually enjoyed eating.  He also let us finish our blue and purple soda we started three days ago.   He kind of hurried us along, since we were heading to the Peiffer's for a play date.  We stopped by safeway to pick up some gummy cheeries and gummy worms and were lucky enough to run into Uncle Jed!

We had a blast at uncle Chris' house.  We skipped a lot of hopscotch, built puzzles, played in the sandbox, ate hot dogs, jumped on a trampoline, and generally had a blast with Ango, Mags and Lockie.  We even got a surprise visit from Uncle Foley!  What a way to have a morning.  Oh yeah and we were actually fairly good about sharing our gummies!

After our nap, we woke up to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh at our house.  It was great to see them but we were a little startled when daddy woke us up (we had to be over at Buo Buo's house shortly).  A few videos and some strawberry milk (you'd be proud mommy!) we were calm as could be.  We went to Aunt Loni's house where she had amazing new gifts for us (some Dr. Seuss books and very cool necklaces).  We stopped by the park that they live nearby and swung, slid and slid.  We had a delicious dinner full of shrimp dumplings, dessert and apple juice!  We discovered we really like jack fruit.  Dinks impressed the grandparents with her rice eating prowess!

Once again we were out late but we think we're getting used to it.  At bedtime we had significant energy to read on our own.  You think we know what we're doing?

What a great day and great weekend!  It's back to the week, school, etc.  We better get some rest.

We love you and miss you mommy!

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Day 1148 (Y3D54)

Dear mommy,

We kicked off the morning by sleeping in extra late.  Apparently the fun times with Milan were exhausting!  daddy let us just relax and enjoy the morning but packed us up for a brunch at Gott's!  We had egg and potato tacos, french toast, hash browns and strawberry shake!  Obviously we love the strawberry shake but the hash browns were an unprecedented hit!  We enjoyed the restaurant too and tried to show off our cuteness.  We walked to the book store, the ATM and the Trader Joe's in the shopping center and had a wonderful breakfast morning with daddy.  We stopped by the grey slide park for a few moments to work off some energy on the seesaw.

We squeezed in a power nap before heading to visit daddy's friend Uncle Keith.  We did a little swimming and met his daughter, Sarah, and her friend, Thaila.  It had just been Sarah's 12th birthday and we were going to her surprise party after a little hanging out.  Going back to Uncle Keith's house was cool because daddy said that mommy had designed their backyard.  It was great to be in a space that had your touch mommy!  We also busied ourselves watching all the twelve year olds, picking up beautiful pieces of confetti and admiring all of the blue party decorations!

We hung out a little more, eating chow mein, watching youtube videos and having a blast.  We think we really like uncle keith's!  Daddy let us stay out a bit later than usual, but once it was bed time, we snoozed off to sleep quickly.

We love you mommy and miss you very much!

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