Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 1096 (Y3D2)

Dear mommy,

It was another splash day - swim lesson - aunt Jessie pool swim combo today! We are getting very good at swimming. Both twinks and dinks are ready for fishy face from the stairs to daddy in the middle of the pool. One might even say we are getting too confident as dinks jumps with towel and everything and swims.

We have been loving life and missing you! We love you!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 1095 (Y3D1)

Dear mommy,
We have had a wonderful birthday and now it is time to be three! We want to thank all of our friends and family for the birthday wishes and the lovely shoutouts.
We are lucky girls.
Today was a lovely day full of school, naps and swim lessons. We stayed up late with our swim teacher miss Stancey while mema, aunt Jessie and daddy went for training for TEAM KIM!
We have been thinking of you and asking to sing "Sadie and rilka and mommy and daddy are best friends" set to the tune of "Mimi and wiwi" (long story) while we brush our teeth.
We love you and miss you!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 1094 (Y2D364) - third birthday!

Dear mommy,

Hmm... Day 364, I guess we must have missed a day in there.

Well it turns out that our actual birthday was a little anticlimactic compared to the throwdowns we have been having over the last week.  We are lucky girls.  Daddy let us sleep in a bit and woke us up by offering some nursery rhyme videos and some day old left over cake for breakfast.  We didn't even really like the cake, which shows you how lucky we are.

It, being Monday, was a school day again.  We were excited for the cupcakes (kosher of course) that GuGu bought for us to bring to class.  What is it about learning that drains our brains and leaves us tired and weary for the rest of the day.  We instantly fell asleep during our nap (after a little bit of a fight) and daddy had to wake us up for swim class.  Twinks wanted nothing with swim class today and even complained of a belly ache while simultaneously asking to go to Max's house to swim.  Dinks was more game but once she realized that Twinks wasn't going to be hitting the pool, decided enough for her too.  Daddy then took us home when we chose not to eat either dinner or desert.

Daddy took this as an opportunity to give us an early bath, books, ring around the rosies and get us off to sleep.  It was a great day and we were somewhat oblivious to our special day.

We know that you would've been thinking about us mommy!  You would've called us "My Good Girls" and told us how proud you were of how well we've grown.

We love you and miss you on this day, 3 years ago, that you brought us into this world.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 1093 (Y2D363)

Dear mommy,

Despite our best attempts to be tired and cranky after getting to bed fairly late the past few nights, we woke up relatively early.  We were excited to see Mema after her work shift and have some breakfast with her including feeding each other.  Aunt Jessie and Max came by with balloons and cake!  And we were especially surprised when Aunt Linny and Kiley came by to help wish us a happy early birthday!  It's always great to have most of the cousins together.

We were sad to see Gugu and Uncle Ban leave.  They both had to leave before/during our nap but it was wonderful to see them!

After our nap we went to Max's for some more swimming.  There was lots of fishy face, splashing and water fighting.  Twinks showed off some very strong ability (after watching Max) by jumping off of the steps and swimming to Daddy.  We think Daddy was very proud.

We were very tired after another long day and insta-fell asleep.

We are thinking of our friend LL's gmama.

We are thinking of you mommy!   We love you and miss you.  Daddy tells us that you love us very much.

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